• As Managers of the C/V  Thalassa Axia, C/V Thalassa Doxa, C/V Thalassa Mana and C/V Thalassa Tyhi, we at Enesel Limited feel very proud for receiving a Commendation Letter by the Deputy Commissioner of Maritime Affairs of the Republic of Liberia, Mrs. Margaret C. Ansumana recognizing the outstanding safety performance record of those four vessels during all port state control inspections over the past two (2) years.

    We express our sincere appreciation to our onboard and ashore teams for their great work and commitment! Well done!

  • We are very happy to announce that all our seafarers on board our managed C/V Thalassa Pistis have been successfully vaccinated during vessel's port stay at New York on June 10th.
    A doctor embarked the vessel upon vessel's berthing and remained on board for a few hours in case any of our seafarers had any side effects.

  • Marking the return of the Lemos Group to the dry bulk shipping sector, we are pleased to announce the 180k DWT Capesize Bulk Carrier “Thalassini Avra” was successfully taken over yesterday joining Enesel Limited fleet. May she always be safe and have winds from her stern! Καλορίζικο και Καλοτάξιδο!

  • The lovely sunset onboard our new building suezmax tanker HN5052 (tbn M/T Miaoulis21) during her sea trials carried out between 3-8 February 2021.

  • Our gorgeous LR2, M/T Sparto transiting the Bosphorus Straits at the beginning of the year. May she always have calm seas and fair winds!

  • The sea trials of M/T Kapodistrias21 (HN5051) successfully completed between 5-10 January 2021 and the vessel delivered to her Owners on the 2nd of February 2021. So many congratulations to all the team for yet another successful delivery. May she be a lucky, safe and successful vessel!

  • The sea trials of HN5046 (tbn M/T Captain Lyristis) carried out 30 October-5 November 2020 observed by the ENESEL S.A. Site Office Team representatives to Owners’ satisfaction.

  • The Keel laying for HN5052 took place on 15th October 2020 in No.1 dock at Daehan shipyard South Korea. It is the last 157,000-dwt Daehan built crude oil carrier from a four-ship Suezmax tanker project.

  • On September 15, 2020, the keel laying ceremony for the SN 2341, the first of two 156,700-dwt Suexmax crude oil carriers, took place at Samsung Heavy industries in Geoje, Korea. The keel laying for the second Suezmax new building vessel will be held later this year.

  • We are happy to announce that the first 157K suezmax tanker, M/T SPYROS from DAEHAAN Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., was successfully delivered to her Owners and Managers on Monday, 14th September 2020. We are grateful for the great work by all involved in this project. May she be blessed, and always have calm seas!

  • A socially distanced keel laying of HN 5051 held at Daehan shipyard beginning September 2020. The safety of all of us is paramount. We can only make positive contributions and live our purpose and values if we stay healthy and avoid spreading the virus. Congratulations!

  • The launching of M/T Captain Lyristis, the second 157K suezmax tanker of the series, carried out at Daehan Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. shipyard. We are very pleased to achieve this milestone during these difficult times and appreciate ENESEL S.A Site Office and ENESEL Head Office efforts to continuously deliver great results! May she always have calm seas!

  • ENESEL S.A. is proud to announce that we have been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certification for our quality management system. All processes and procedures in that system have been carefully designed and quality-tested according to international standards, while our KPIs are monitored real time on a daily basis. Excellence in everything we do is, and has always been, into our DNA. It is a promise to our customers that we will work unceasingly to become better. We never rest.

  • We are pleased to announce the successful launching of HN 5045 (TBN “Spyros”) today at Daehan shipyard. She left the dock at 10.05am LT and was alongside (Double banked) at approx. 10.30 am.

  • We are proud to announce that the US Coast Guard has approved Enesel Limited’s enrollment to QUALSHIP 21 program. Specifically, the USCG states: “Less than 20% of all foreign-flagged vessels that operate in the United States meet the strict eligibility requirements of this program; therefore, we applaud the efforts of Enesel Limited and the master and crew of the QUALSHIP 21 designated vessels for consistently maintaining an exceptional commitment to quality.”

  • M/T Kyrakatingo awarded with the Certificate of Merit by the Commandant of the USCG in recognition of her Master, Officers and crew outstanding dedication for their invaluable support of the AMVER System in 2019.

  • Today at 15:30 Korea time, M/T Sparto (HN 5040) was successfully delivered to her Owners. May she sail in safe seas and may all who sail on her be healthy and safe! Well done to all the team, especially in these challenging times.

  • We are happy to announce that M/T Pantelis (HN 5039 ex DAEHAN Shipbuilding Co Ltd.) was delivered today to her Owner. Congratulations to the team for their dedication!

  • As part of the ENESEL Group’s ongoing commitment to driving positive social impact, this December we have through the Greek Shipowners’ Social Welfare Company Syn-Enosis (www.syn-enosis.gr) made a significant donation towards the cost of 10 fully equipped high speed patrol vessels to be supplied to the Hellenic Coast Guard.

    We are very proud to support the Hellenic Coast Guard in its work, and in so doing to recognize its important contribution to the Greek shipping industry.

  • Limassol, December 4th, 2019.

    We, Enesel Limited, managers of the container ship THALASSA PATRIS (IMO 9665607, sailing under the flag of Singapore), regret to advise that our Second Officer, reported missing on November 23rd, has still not been found. 

    As previously reported, the Second Officer was last seen after the change of watch at 22:00 UTC on November 22nd, whilst the vessel was sailing in the Indian Ocean (62 nautical miles south-west of Sri Lanka and weather conditions north-east wind force 6 and sea state 1.2 to 1.5 metres). As soon as the Second Officer was confirmed to be missing, the man overboard protocol was triggered. The search and rescue operation was initiated on November 23rd at 06:50 UTC under the command and the valuable assistance of the regional authorities. The vessel, following the orders of the Maritime Rescue and Coordination Centre Colombo (“MRCC Colombo”), duly retraced her route back to where she had been at the time of the change of watch of the missing Officer. At 08:43 UTC on November 24th the vessel was regrettably ordered by the MRCC Colombo to conclude the search and rescue operation. Despite the fact that that operation was not successful in locating our Second Officer, the vessel’s remaining officers and crew continued to systematically and exhaustively search for him on board, sadly with no results. 

    At the early morning of December 3rd, the vessel arrived at the Port of Piraeus, Greece. Upon her berthing, investigators from all pertinent authorities boarded. Multiple investigations were conducted simultaneously, one from the Singaporean authorities, one from the Greek authorities and one arranged directly by us undertaken by the globally renowned firm, Control Risks, which specialises in security and risk investigations. Additionally, we engaged specially trained sniffer dogs to search on board the vessel in an effort to ensure that all available means at our disposal to locate the missing Officer were utilised.  

    The Greek authorities’ investigation, which was conducted by way of assistance to the Singaporean authorities, was concluded on December 4th with no adverse findings or any signs of foul play as to the circumstances of the missing Officer’s disappearance. A special thank you to the Hellenic Coast Guard officials for the care and interest they have shown in this very sad incident. 

    The ship has therefore sailed from the port of Piraeus. 

    Throughout this incident we have been in continuous contact with the authorities with which we have fully cooperated and will continue to do so. 

    We have endeavoured to provide support and assistance to our Second Officer’s family at this difficult time. Family members were also invited on board the vessel in order to be able to observe themselves the scene of the Second Officer’s disappearance and meet with crew members as well as the attending investigators. Their well-being, as well as that of our remaining crew on board, is of paramount importance to us and we will continue to work diligently in this respect. A word of thanks to our crew and officers on board for their diligence and care during this very challenging and demanding time. 

    We will provide updates with further information as it becomes available to us. 

    For further information please contact Mr. Dimitris Roulias on +30 6946 799501 and/or Mrs. Marina Leonidhopoulos on +30 6937 393999