• Our managed C/V Thalassa Doxa has participated in the "Adopt a Ship" Program for the academic year 2020-2021.

    "Adopt a Ship" is a specific program by the Cyprus Shipping Chamber (CSC) under the official approval of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works and the Ministry of Education and Culture organized in close cooperation with the Cyprus Marine Environment Protection Association (CYMEPA) and it concentrates on the promotion of the employment opportunities that exist in the Shipping Industry to the schools.

    Enesel Limited supports such kind of initiatives and hope, through this program, to trigger the interest of young children and teenagers inspiring them to consider following a career at sea in the future.

    We would like to thank all our seafarers onboard the C/V Thalassa Doxa for their contribution to the effort of promoting shipping and seafaring to the children.

  • Despite significant efforts, the #CrewChangeCrisis caused by COVID-19 has been unresolved for too long.

  • Following discussions with the Greek Ministry of Health, the Nikolaos S. Lemos Family Non-Profit Company, and Enesel S.A. are pleased to announce that they have donated to the Hellenic National Health System the necessary equipment to facilitate the safe storage, transport and distribution across the country of COVID-19 vaccines.

  • In the event of disruption to face to face education at schools due to coronavirus, ENESEL S.A. supported the kids of the 9th Primary School of Nikaia by providing 50 tablets to enable their access to remote education. Through their maritime and Christmas themed paintings, the kids expressed their appreciation for this gesture and send their warmest wishes to the Lemos family.

  • As members of the Board of the Union of Greek Shipowners (USG), we signed a memorandum between the UGS and the Ministry of Health for a donation that will cover the costs of renovating washrooms in Attica state hospitals and buying new bed linen and blankets for hospitals throughout the country. To date, the UGS has provided 335 medical ventilators suitable for Intensive Care Units, (ICU), 20 portable medical ventilators, 100 ICU bedside monitors and 100 ICU hospital beds as well as significant amounts of consumables for ICUs.

  • The Team of ENESEL S.A. and the Owners are happy to have actively participated to the Voluntary Creative Workshop of "The Smile of the Child" for the manufacturing of the "March bracelets", "martirika" for christening ceremonies, and ‘’bonbonniere’’ with the logo of the organization, which will be available for sale to financially support the work and actions of the organization.

  • Our employees participated in beach clean-up days coordinated by the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association (HELMEPA), which is the national coordinator of the International Coastal Clean-up Day and the European Clean-Up Day initiatives. The “Action Month for the Marine Environment” for 2019 was organized and coordinated in Greece by HELMEPA between 14 September and 31 October. In total, 145 cleanups were organized with the participation of 6,500 volunteers.

  • Consistent with our humanitarian spirit, social responsibility and ongoing contribution to society that has always characterized ENESEL S.A., the Owners once again are demonstrating their whole-hearted support to the local community of Mandra (Attica-Athens), recently devastated by the deadly flash floods.

  • The Enesel S.A. team participated in a humanitarian aid appeal for victims of the deadly flash flooding in Mandra, West Attica, by donating food and other goods (i.e. bottled water, household cleaning products, personal hygiene items, socks, dry and canned food etc). This initiative had the full support of Owners and Management and called for the collection and procurement of relief items to families affected by the devastating floods in Mandra.

  • The first social activity of the Enesel S.A. team for the year was the preparation and cooking the meal for our fellowmen in need in co-operation with the humanitarian action group ‘’Social Kitchen-The Other Human’’. This particular group and their volunteers offer a free lunch meal to all on a daily basis, cooked in various outdoor locations, on the street. The freshly cooked meal is then distributed in portions and everyone eats together. This action of sharing a meal together, is an action of solidarity and a demonstration of love towards our fellowmen with the hope to awaken consciousness and other groups follow our example.