As members of the Board of the Union of Greek Shipowners (USG), we signed a memorandum between the UGS and the Ministry of Health for a donation that will cover the costs of renovating washrooms in Attica state hospitals and buying new bed linen and blankets for hospitals throughout the country. To date, the UGS has provided 335 medical ventilators suitable for Intensive Care Units, (ICU), 20 portable medical ventilators, 100 ICU bedside monitors and 100 ICU hospital beds as well as significant amounts of consumables for ICUs.

At the same time, it was decided to reinforce the important work performed by the Greek Police and Coast Guard personnel, protecting public health during this critical period, through various actions, such as by offering vehicles of different types and repairing the largest Navy vessel, “GAVDOS” which protects the borders in the area of Evros and the Aegean Sea, as well as by providing them with relevant consumables for their personal protection against the coronavirus.

More than 120 members of the shipping community have responded to our initiative.